The beautiful tropical beaches which line the islands of Indonesia are filled with fisherman's boats. Painted in the most exotic and eye-catching colours. The traditional style and technique in which the boats have been built have been passed down from generation to generation, but with the leftover wood material AnTeak PraTama is able to give them a second chance and turn them into something incredible…

One of the most popular ways to survive in Indonesia financially is to become a fisherman. A lot of the families are dependent on the profit made from selling fish. Most of the population on the islands, build their own boats. The men do the heavy construction work and the women help with the maintenance, painting and polishing of the boat.

Early in the morning the fisherman sail out to sea on their boats having to rush back in the afternoon to be able to come back home with some food for lunch and to be able to sell on the market. In the night usually the men sail out a second time to catch more fish for dinner. Therefore the fisherman's boats are used quiet intensively, every single day of the year.

When a boat breaks the fisherman fixes any leaks and perform any reparations where necessary, to protect the wood from deteriorating because of the salty sea water, it is regularly repainted. This happens to the extent where reparation is impossible and the boat must be replaced, the old boats are left stranded on land.

The once smooth, regular, eye-catching colours fade and become irregular as the years pass by. This woods purpose, to sustain transport for the fisherman throughout all these years, has expired and is no longer useful to them, but it has become inspirational wood to make furniture out of. It manages to form a concept which is a real: original, fresh, exotic, looking style of modern furniture.

Inspired by this idea of recycling, AnTeak PraTama has been able to come up with a whole collection of boatwood furniture! The fresh looking colours combined with the wood result into amazing, unique pieces of furniture and accessories. Not one piece is the same, each and every piece has its own story to tell and carries its unique experience of Indonesia within.



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